Thursday, March 26, 2009

Should Have Know.....Cycling Publicity!

With Lance fracturing his collarbone this week, we should have know that he would suddenly appear on ESPN and in all the newspapers. He was even on the front page of the Express (local D.C. rag) on Tuesday. Generally, the only time that cycling gets any column inches in this part of the world is when Lance does something or when someone gets thrown off the Tour as part of a drugs scandal. Unless Lance rides the Giro or the Tour, I doubt that cycling will be in the news again this season...and it's only March!

The only news item that could be bigger than Lance would be if President Obama was seen down at Hains Point challenging Mayor Fenty for the final sprint....I wonder if they could get that to happen!

Perhaps the powers that be at MABRA should get on the marketing bandwagon and start sending in race reports to the The Post and The Times. Over the summer before Redskin fever hits us, the sport section will be relatively light. The Nationals are going to suck, they don't cover the O's anymore and aside from D.C United and the Mystics (the WNBA team!), nowt else will be going on. Perfect time to get some local cycling action in the news and it would be great publicity for MABRA and the local team sponsors.

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