Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Nothing to See Here.....But a Win is a Win!

As we are into the final month of preparation before Xterra Worlds (did I mention that was Oct 29th?) it's all about training and making sure I don't get sick.....primarily making sure that I don't get sick.  Unfortunately work may play a part in that as it looks like I might have 6 different flights before actually landing on the Valley Isle of Maui.

But I have been doing well with training and continued with the ethos of this season....consistency! Nothing too big or demanding, just solid weeks back to back to back and so on.  I did jump into some races the last few weeks and these included:

1. Wolf Bouncer XC first Pro/Cat 1 XC MTB race after upgrading late this season. It was short at just an hour but the key was to get a good race pace session in and it didn't dissappoint.....60mins at threshold and a 4th place finish!

2. Tri for the Chesapeake....was the next day and is a local sprint triathlon that Parvilla supports. It was actually my first "road" triathlon since 2014 and I went for the road bike as I don't have a tri bike at the moment. It worked out well as I felt good in the swim (without a wetsuit), nailed the bike and the trail was 5 miles so was able to take the over win by quite some way (about 15mins). Another good race pace session.

3. Hyattsville Cx....this was this past weekend and I raced the 1,2,3 race as it was the only time I could manage. It was a baptism of fire for the first cross race of the season and only time I have been on my cross bike all year. I was thinking that it might have been better to race my MTB. It was fun though and I can't wait to get back to 'cross after Maui.

Now to hone the fitness for October 29th......

Monday, September 18, 2017

Shenandoah 100.....So Much Awesomeness!

It seems a while ago that I went an raced my first 100 mile MTB race at the Shenandoah 100 but two weeks ago I did and it was awesome.  At some point I will download all my thoughts and what I want to try and improve upon in 2018 (That says a lot already that I want to go back next year!)

The vibe, the trails, the support were all great...yes I made a detour of 5 miles due to a poorly placed sign that kept me for going sub-10 hours but still a hell of a day.  I think I might like the marathon MTB races :-)

Sunday, August 27, 2017

Now We Are Back to Racing....Ex2 Adventures Blue Crab Bolt Trail Series

After a little time off from racing Sarah and I were back at this weekend at the Ex2 Adventures Blue Crab Bolt Trail Run Series (bit of a mouthful!) at Little Bennett Regional Park.  After it being all about the bike the last few weeks and bit of time crunch that limited the running miles, I wasn't overly confident of a result so decided just to thrash myself and get a solid workout done.  I was in for the 10km and Sarah was in for the 5km as she builds towards the Kapulua Trail Run in Maui.

I started out hard, on what was a great course....some good hills, river crossing and a variety of terrain. Through the first two miles I led but surrendered at the halfway point and eventually hung on for a hard earned 3rd place overall!  It was great to be back onto the trails and gives me a good point of reference as we head into the final two months before the Xterra World Championships.  Next for me is the Shenandoah 100mile MTB race next that should be EPIC!

Sarah had a great race of her own and nailed 2nd place in age group for another podium spot!

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

The Final Push....Got to Stay On It!

As others season's are winding down, it's hard not to begin to look forward to 2018.....eye's on the prize and the BIG race in two months!  Then it can be 2018 planning with a few beers!