Saturday, March 21, 2009

Back on Track.....Oh yeah and The Ting Tings...

After a week of seeing the Chiropractor, the past few days have been good for training and it feels good to be back on track. The latter part of the week I got in two good brick workouts (bike followed by run) as well as a couple of early morning swims.

My first triathlon of the year was scheduled for May 3rd at the New Jersey Devilman but a bizarre change of date means that I now have that race on May 9th and then Columbia Triathlon a week later on May 17th (bit like buses, one doesn't come for ages and then two in a row!). The reason for the date change was the fact that the host town, Cedarville, NJ, has a new motor speedway, which has a race on May 3rd and there were no hotel rooms available for the triathletes. Bit of a late time for the tri race directors to notice this but no harm done.

Last night headed into D.C with Ace and Tina to see The Ting Tings. If you haven't heard of them....shame on you! Just one of the many artists coming out of the English electronic/pop/indie scene. They were great last night and the 9:30 club was rocking with a sold out crowd.

Must be getting old though, as after a late night and hard workouts the last few days, the D-ville ride was tough this morning. Jefferson Cup next week though so will be good to get the MABRA race season underway.

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