Saturday, January 16, 2016

December 2015: Training Ramblings.......A little bit of Consistency

After a pretty damn sloth-like November it felt good to get back to a little more structured training in December. Well to be totally honest it was more like let's actually do some workouts and build some base so that come January the 2016 season training can begin in earnest.

The weather was very un-December like which didn't stop me getting a cold however. Personally I blame our visitors from the UK, as the Wrights headed over to visit for two weeks! The combination of playing around with two under 4 year olds, once of which had a cold was a surefire way to get a was well-worth it though as Hunter and Grace are so much fun. We also headed up on mass to Newport, Rhode Island to see Cathy and Ron (and Olly & Iris).

"Tuddles" with Gracie!

A tired Hunter!

As I said training was really just getting back into some consistency which did occur, a few runs, swims and bikes and one final cyclocross race of the season. The race coincided with my cold so the result wasn't exactly great but it was fun to have Hunter running around the course with Sarah blowing his Vuvuzela!

Fun & Games at the 'Cross race

The good thing about getting some training going on is that the it gets you amped for the 2016 season and so it's time to think about the races.  The next blog will cover the 2015 season as a review and what the 2016 schedule will look like!  The 2nd year of Xterra will be fun :-)

What I am drinking this month:
Maui Coffee CompanyGrown in the West Maui Mountains, 100% Maui Coffee is the pride of the island. This flavorful coffee is grown from the same tree as Kona, but develops a slightly different flavor, due to the different soil and climate conditions.

December Total: 387miles/31hrs 32mins/2085 TSS
Swim: 10.07m/5hrs 07mins/ 263 TSS
Bike: 307m/17hrs 45mins/ 1140 TSS
Run: 70.7m/8hrs 40mins/ 683 TSS

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