Monday, December 21, 2015

November 2015: Training Ramblings......Nothing to See Here

The month started on a big high at the Xterra World Championships in Maui and the race report for that can be found here. With the Summer and Fall being geared completely for the World's, the rest of the month was dedicated to not having to think about structured workouts or upcoming races.  

The week after the race was spent relaxing and exploring Maui! It was amazing and quickly gets to the top of our list of vacation spots...we are already trying to figure out how and when we can go back.

So literally there is nothing to report from a training perspective, it was just riding along with some fun MTB  and road rides.  I did jump into the MABRA Cyclocross Championships at the end of the month at the always muddy Taneytown course and snagged a 5th place finish in the Master's 123 race. It must have been carry-over fitness from World's but it was certainly a shock to the system to race all out for 45mins after a few weeks of de-training.

The best this so far about Fall/Winter? The weather has been awesome and riding at the Parvilla Cycles Annual Cranksgiving ride was done in shorts! Long may that continue.

What I am drinking this month:
1562 Roastery:  Colombia Chalo Fernandez - Apple, Raw Almond, Red Wine!

November Total: 199miles/19hrs 32mins/1049 TSS
Swim: 4.96m/2hrs 33mins/ 125 TSS
Bike: 166m/13hrs 16mins/ 686 TSS
Run: 27.4m/3hrs 32mins/ 228 TSS

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