Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Am I a Fish? Getting There.......

December was the final month of my Fall swimming challenge, which started in October and was a focused effort to swim more. The monthly stats for December were:

Total Yards: 55,550

Total Miles: 31.56

Total Swims: 15

Yards/Swim: 3,703

Over the three months I have been pretty consistent with a monthly average of 56,450 yards and just a tad over 15 swims. Compared to the rest of the year that was huge as my average yardage was only 27,000 coming into October! Periods of not swimming for a few weeks early in 2009 skewed that but even so I wasn't hitting the pool enough.

So where to go from now? I want to try and maintain the Fall average of 56,450 yards and 15 swims a month. I think that should be doable particularly once the mornings become lighter and the weather outside isn't so daunting to escape the comfy bed!

I have definitely reaped the benefits of the past three months and I don't want to lose all that I have gained. Swimming more quality and quantity will be such a boost for races this year that I am already psyched to see what I can do at the first triathlon of the year.....

In the meantime it's onto the running focus for the next three months as I build to the early Spring marathon in late March.


Cliff said...

yes, you're a fish.
whats the first tri of the year for you?
I need a good tune-up before Columbia.

Iain Banks said...

I am planning on the Rumpass in Bumpass down at Lake Anna, VA on April 17th. Look at