Monday, January 20, 2014

Jan 4th - Jan 10th: Training Ramblings......too cold?

 Oops, getting behind again on the ramblings.  Well from a weather point of view this week was dreadful and I didn't get to ride outside at all. With temperatures in the single digits and windchills below zero, it wasn't the week to be outside on the bike.  However, now that I am in the mindframe for riding the rollers or computrainer, I don't actually mind it too much. If you are disciplined enough it can be the best form of training during the winter. Just remember to concentrate on the workout, get it done and get off. No point in riding junk miles on the trainer!

This time of year, I do a lot of sweetspot and threshold on the bike while indoors. Certainly the best bang for the buck when you have a 60-80min window. Use the weekend's to get the longer endurance ride done and as a time to ride with your group. As you get closer to race season then higher intensity sessions can be introduced to top off all the threshold gains you made over the dark of winter.

I did get out to run a couple of times late in the week so cabin fever didn't set in entirely. Besides I need to get at least 100km running outside in January to meet the Strava Challenge :-) I did get a little ITB flare-up this week but with some stretching that was quickly gone. I attributed it to getting back on the bike after the time off over Christmas, nothing serious.

The Sunday session in the #wattagecottage watching the Rome 'cross World Cup

Total: 114 Miles / 9 hours 22 minutes

Swim: 4,890 yards / ~2.78 miles / 1 hours 43 minutes
Bike: 88 miles / 4 hours 45 minutes
Run: 23.54 miles /2 hours 55 minutes

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