Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Jan 11th - Jan 17th: Training Ramblings......a change is coming

This week turned into a big bust after a good weekend.  We had a coffee ride on Sunday and got a solid 3hr+ ride in but the rest of the week ended up way too busy as I am in the midst of switching jobs. This meant that I didn't get to the pool and got very limited running done.  

Just a regular coffee shop ride to @javadivas

To be honest I am suffering from a little bit of motivation debt at the moment when it comes to triathlon. I love riding my bike (even indoors) and would rather do that than schlep to the pool or head out into frigid temperatures for a run.  If I could just concentrate on cycling I would love that for the time being. Perhaps it is a factor of going hard at triathlon for the past 10 years or simply just going hard at Ironman for the past 8 years. Racing cross this past winter was really enjoyable and I am already looking ahead to next season.

I'm sure that once the weather warms up and the daylight hangs around a bit longer I will see the motivation come the meantime I'll ride my bike lots and get excited about my new job!

Total: 112.32 Miles / 6 hours 43 minutes

Swim: 0 yards / ~0 miles / 0 hours 0 minutes
Bike: 107 miles / 6 hours 07 minutes
Run: 5 miles /0 hours 35 minutes

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