Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Oct 19th - Oct 25th: Training Ramblings

Another not very big week in terms of training volume.  The week started off poorly with a very short 'cross race at DCCX. I raced the 3/4 race and on the 2nd lap whilst carving through a corner my rear tubular rolled.  Down I went and back to the beer tent to find Sarah, race over after 11mins! DCCX has built itself into the biggest race of the MABRA Super8 calendar and is a ton of fun to spectate as well as race. 

                                                          Video from DCCX by CycleBoredom.com

That's the good thing about my cross season, yes I want to do well in races, who doesn't, but in the end it is just a bit of off-season fun. There is always another one next week. It's not like an Ironman or 70.3m where you train all year for just two or three goal races.  Perhaps that is why I like the cross season so far, no pressure! After all  no-one expects a triathlete to be able to cyclocross do they?

The rest of the week was pretty hit and miss, we have friends visiting from the UK, which is awesome and it's great to be able to spend time with them without having to head out for long training hours (hint for anyone wanting to come visit....the Fall is best!)

 As such, weekly volume was low, but I did get two swims in and increased the run mileage for the 4th consecutive week.

My weekly swimbike, and run totals:

Total: 37 Miles / 5 hours 17 minutes
Swim: 4,350 yards / ~2.47 miles / 1 hours 25 minutes
Bike: 14 miles / 1 hours 01 minutes
Run: 20 miles / 2 hours 31 minutes
Core: 20mins

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