Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Oct 12th - Oct 18th: Training Ramblings.....

 As you can see from the weekly totals, nothing crazy this week and in fact it was bloated by a 5hr, 92mile ride on Friday over on the Eastern Shore.  The training at the moment is purely getting some consistency back and a little structure.  It will remain this way until November when more detailed structure will be put in place and the overall volume will begin to increase as well.

Riding the Eastern Shore with Allison LaRochelle

Tacchino CX Race
The good thing about this past week was racing twice at Tacchino cyclocross on Sunday and winning the 4/5 race.  Whatever the race or the category, it's always good to win!

The bad thing about this week was the fact that I only got to the pool once and I also didn't find time to hit the gym for any strength action.


My weekly swimbike, and run totals:

Total: 151 Miles / 10 hours 56 minutes
Swim: 2,000 yards / ~1.12 miles / 0 hours 37 minutes
Bike: 132 miles / 8 hours 07 minutes
Run: 18 miles / 2 hours 11 minutes

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