Thursday, November 7, 2013

Oct 26th - Nov 1st: Training Ramblings

 This week was fun.  A slight increase in the hours, not the 8 hours that I wanted but close and it included some good time with our visitors!  The week started with ABRT's annual cyclocross race, so much of Saturday was spent down at the course making sure that was all set for the following day.  I raced twice on the Sunday, once early in the 35+ 3/4 race and then the last race of the day, the 4/5.

With a zero-dark thirty start, it was a long day and the final race just beat me down with a few laps to go.  The good news was that I took a 4th place finish in the 35+ 3/4 race (a few more upgrade points) I had a poor start but managed to claw my way back through the field to outsprint teammate Mickey Thaxton for the 4th spot.  The course was almost perfect for me, lots of power section and only shorter technical sections where I typically lose time.  The later race started well, into 2nd by the end of the first lap but I just couldn't hold on.  The legs were done and I ended falling to 7th by the end of the race.  Overall a fun day and the team did an awesome job hosting the race.

Hitting the barriers at AACX (Credit: Alex Pline)

The rest of the week was nothing special.  Computrainer classes have now started for the Fall/Winter at Parvilla Cycle & Multisport so that gets me riding early in Tuesday mornings (and potentially some other days).  I did manage to get a couple more shorter sessions on the rollers at home with the new powercranks.  I'll write more on them in the future, for now I'm just getting used to them. 

Although I didn't run a bunch this week, I did feel better on both the 60min sessions.  That's a good sign as I plan on increasing the volume over the month of November so that when the vacation to the UK in December comes, I am in a good place to lay down a serious 14 day running block.

My weekly swimbike, and run totals:

Total: 69 Miles / 6 hours 36 minutes
Swim: 3,100 yards / ~1.76 miles / 1 hours 03 minutes
Bike: 51 miles / 3 hours 30 minutes
Run: 16.42 miles / 2 hours 03 minutes

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