Sunday, July 15, 2012

The Week that was June 30th - July 6th

So this was the 2nd week of the first build for ChesapeakeMan.  The key workouts for most weeks are the long run and the long ride, with a consistent swim set too, this week was no different.  It turned out that I didn't time for a long run so that was pushed to the first day of next week.  The biking week turned out awesome with the July 4th holiday enabling a good midweek distance ride.  The focus until the end of July is consistent workouts and building volume again.

Weather wise this week was tough....the Derecho storm knocked out power for 4 days, so it was tough to sleep in the heat and motivation to train was a little lacking!

Sat June 30th - Early morning run before heading to the store.  4.45m
                       - Rode after work for 90mins, steady talking pace. 28.48m

Sun July 1st - Recovery Day, just an easy hour ride along the WBA trail.  18.0m

Mon July 2nd - 2500yd swim with fins.  First time with fins which are an awesome  leg workout
                       - Evening Store ride from Parvilla.  Rode big gear for strength   23.0m

Tues July 3rd - 2500yd swim with drills and sprints.
                      - D-Ville ride.  Turned to be a great TT workout chasing off the back of the lead foursome.  45.0m
                      - Brick run. Didn't feel great but steady pace 3.5m

Weds July 4th - Long ride today out to Parvilla, group ride and back home.  Rode the last half with Greg, nice steady pace.  Needed a long day!  80.0m

Thurs July 5th - Recovery day with only a 2500m swim.  Steady efforts at 5 x 500m

Fri July 6th - Wow! 100 degrees and an afternoon run for 45mins.  6.15m

Weekly Total - 14hrs 53mins
Total Mileage - 215miles

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