Friday, July 6, 2012

The Week that Was June 23rd - 29th

After a couple of recovery/transition weeks after the double of the Duathlon Nationals and Eagleman, it was back to the Ironman countdown as ChesapeakeMan is now only 14 weeks away.  The first build period is really about getting some consistency back and working on some longer base miles.

Saturday Jun 23rd - Evening run after work. 5.78m

Sunday Jun 24th - Steady ride to North Beach and back.  73.0m

Monday Jun 25th - Outdoor swim at Truxton Park :-)  Love this time of year.  Also the evening Parvilla ride and short 30min post-ride run.

Tuesday Jun 26th -  Another lunch time swim at the Park.  Then back to the Tues Night D-Ville ride, first time in a month or so....jeez!  Short brick run on toasted legs.

Wednesday June 27th - Day off....Chiropractor session.

Thursday June 28th - Didn't have time for a longer swim so a short 30min session at lunch and a 40min run before an evening work meeting......oh yeah the heat is here!

Friday June 29th - Early morning run.  First long "ish" run since Eagleman so just went out easy for 13.0m.  Gets tough to run long in the summer temps without going early.  Feel much better in recent days since the Chiropractor visits.

Weekly Total - 13hrs 14mins
Total Mileage - 175 miles

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