Thursday, July 26, 2012

Setbacks....but back on it - Rocky Style

After a good two-week build period, the middle of July came and beat me down like a dog.  A stomach bug laid me low for the best part of a week and then a work trip to Philadelphia hindered the training a little more.  Fortunately I was due a recovery week anyway but being sick doesn't really count as recovery does it!

Philadelphia made a change to the run training through as it was awesome to run somewhere different.  I headed out from downtown and ran up past the Arts Museum (did my best Rocky impression) to Fairmount Park along the river.


I didn't have the whole City of Philadelphia following me but it was pretty crowded on the riverfront trail!  I thought about jumping a couple of benches but then realized that I would end up just tripping and making a fool of myself as well as needing some dental work.

So anyway, it's back to the Ironman training, I finally actually signed up for ChesapeakeMan so only two months to go.....lots of work ahead.

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