Saturday, December 3, 2011

The Week That Was: Nov 19 - Nov 25th

First week of base prior to my build period in January. The main aim was to get some solid bike time as well as continue the run mileage in prep for the marathon on Dec 10th. The week also included the annual Cold Turkey 8th consecutive year of racing this race. It ended being a good week and no signs of the back issue either.

Sat Nov 19th: Run to store at a steady run pace, focusing on form. Also rode in the computrainer studio after work for 60mins. Run - 13.26miles

Sun Nov 20th: Made sure that I had a decent warm-up prior to the Cold Turkey 10km after the run yesterday. I think for the first time the weather was mild for this race and I felt solid throughout. Came in 3rd overall in 34mins 53secs. In hindsight I think I probably could have gone harder but it was a good test prior to the marathon. The legs responded well to speedwork after the longer run on Sat. Immediately after the race went and rode with the guys for 40miles....legs felt rough through the hills of Crownsville! Run - 8.8miles

Mon Nov 21st: Swim at lunch and then a computrainer class after work. Day off from running. Need to get the feel for the water again but lap times weren't far off from usual. Little bit of ITBS after the riding of late. It's always like this as I get back into all 3 sports.

Tues Nov 22nd: Another swim at lunch, have to make the most of the availability to swim during lunch as they aren't always guaranteed! Briefly rode the Columbia tri course on the computrainer after work.

Weds Nov 23rd: Stretching of the ITB over the past few days has seemed to do the trick like it always does. Got onto the treadmill and did an awesome hill repeat session. After a couple of days off from running, felt great. Combined the workout with strength training in the gym. If you haven't tried strength in "barefoot" I would certainly try it. I use Zem Gear "shoes" and they are excellent for dynamic strength may get some strange looks though. Run - 5.13miles
Thurs Nov 24th: Thanksgiving the absence of a local turkey trot, I headed out and did some V02 max intervals. Didn't feel too spritely but managed seven intervals at sub 5:50min/miles. Typically, the intervals were uphill and into the wind. These intervals are run at 2min on at 5-10km pace with 3min recovery. Run - 9.03miles

Fri Nov 25th: We had a Cranksgiving ride at the store......1st annual and we had over 40 riders. Rode to the store on the fixie and with riding sag ended up with a solid 50mile day. Managed some hill repeats as I was going to the front to back of the groups out on the road. Good times.

Total Run Mileage - 35.62miles
Total Run Time - 4hr 5mins

Total Time - 13hrs 39mins

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