Thursday, December 8, 2011

The week that was: Nov 26th - Dec 2nd

Until the end of December it will really be about being consistent in all three sports to be base build for more specific training in January. This meant a solid swim week, reduced run mileage and a couple of rides. The swim really bit it this past season and it is all about routine for that. If I don't swim I get out of the routine and find it real hard to get it back. As most people find, time spent swimming often leads to diminishing takes a lot to gain a little. I just want to get the ease of swimming back again, it may not lead to faster times but will lead to reduced effort. All in all the week was nice and steady, as it should be this time of year.

Sat Nov 26th: Steady run after work, a little bit of tempo with warm-up and cool-down. Run - 6.24miles

Sun Nov 27th: Wow, what a day for riding! Great weather so headed to Sandy Point State Park through Annapolis and back. Finally getting my legs back on the bike and actually felt ok on this ride. Easy and steady miles. Bike - 60miles

Mon Nov 28th: Into the pool at lunch for some endurance yardage. Ascending pyramid. Felt better today in the water, much more comfortable. Swim - 3000yds (SC)

Tues Nov 29th: Morning run to Quiet Waters. Just a steady run as I never feel like hammering early morning. Run 8.8miles Evening ride in the computrainer studio for an hour at average 70% of threshold.

Weds Nov 30th: Another lunchtime swim, this is the routine I need to get into. Taking a break from the office is always a good thing. Worked on 100 and 200 speed. Swim - 3000yds (SC) Also did some gym dynamic strength work later in the day.

Thurs Dec 1st: Treadmill time. Ascending pace hills....nothing too taxing with the marathon in 9 days. The treadmill is great for workouts like these when you want to hit the grade and pace and don't have to go looking for the right hill. Run - 5.23miles

Fri Dec 2nd: Three swims in a week, probably the first time for about 6months! Drills and kicks today so worked the legs hard. Ran within an hour or so of swimming and took a nice steady hour. Sometimes you just need to kick back and run to enjoy it rather than focusing on time/effort/pace. Also ran some new roads which is always good. Run - 8.8miles

Total Run Mileage - 29.07miles
Total Run Time - 3hrs 20mins

Total Time - 11hrs 15mins

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