Wednesday, November 23, 2011

The week that was: Nov 12th - Nov 18th

Wow was this week crazy! It started with the Grand Opening of the Parvilla Cycles computrainer studio, carried on with some random back pains and then ended with a solid training session. The back pain just came out of nowhere, looking on-line it could have been anything from a strain to potential paralysis! I think it was a strain as by Friday I was able to get back at it in terms of training and put a solid effort in.

Due to the back issue, it worked out to be an easier recovery week.

Week Nov 12th - 18th

Saturday Nov 12th - Complete day off for the grand opening of the studio.

Sunday Nov 13th - Was feeling way tired after the long day on Saturday so put in an easy 1 hour run with a few strides. Run - 8.66miles

Monday Nov 14th - This was the day the back started to niggle me. It was just a dull ache at this point but I took just an easy 30min run. The back doesn't hurt me when I run. Run - 4.50miles

Tuesday Nov 15th - Day off running and got into the Computrainer studio at Parvilla Cycles. Easy spin to get back into the cycling groove. The back was bad today so spent a while on the foam roller in the evening. Bike - 18.00miles

Wednesday Nov 16th - Into the gym for the first time this winter to hit the treadmill and the weight room. A real easy run and then a weights session focusing on low weights/high reps and core movements. The back was a little better but wasn't hindering any movement during the workout. Run - 4.10miles

Thursday Nov 17th - With this week turning into a recovery week due to the back issues, I got into the computrainer studio and rode the first 24 miles of the Ironman Hawaii course on the real video mode. Just spun through it. Bike - 23.75miles

Friday Nov 18th - The back was finally feeling better so got out and put in the only serious workout of the week. A solid tempo run through the backwaters of Annapolis. This is probably one of my favorite routes and love hitting it hard. Run - 9.15miles

Run Total Miles - 26.41miles
Run Total Hours - 3hrs 6mins

Total Hours - 6hrs 1min

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