Friday, December 16, 2011

The Week That Was: Dec 3rd - Dec 9th

This was a nice, easy recovery week as I tapered for the Rehoboth Beach marathon on Dec 10th. It was a few short runs with some pick me ups and strides, a couple of easy bike rides and short swims. The week did start with a 5km at Southern High School, which bode well for for the marathon with a new PR of 16:38 and 1st place overall. Other than that it was a time to recover and get the Training Stress Balance (TSB) back to a positive number.

Sat Dec 3rd: This was a last minute decision to run the Southern High School 5km, directed by friend and SHS XC coach Doug Ellmore. The key was to run hard but not to do anything unnecessary to affect the marathon a week later. First mile was steady at 5:16 then a tempo to maintain the lead. The good thing was that without really going hard the last two miles it still led to a PR of 16:38.

Sun Dec 4th: Early morning ride with Ace.....I'm making him go slow on Sundays as I build my mileage back up on the bike. Ended being a 45mile ride through the Ag Farms in Beltsville at a nice endurance pace on the fixie.

Mon Dec 5th: Swim at lunch time working on endurance pyramid. Didn't push it hard just focused on technique and form. Worked out to be 3000yds.

Tues Dec 6th: Weather ended being bad so had to run on the treadmill. Cruised along with 45sec strides every 4-5mins at 6min/mile marathon pace. Legs felt good for the first run since the race on Sat. Rode the computrainer in the evening holding back from riding hard.

Weds Dec 7th: Another lunch swim. First medley for a while including some fly.....need to work on that :-) Still rain so ran on the treadmill with the same strides as Tuesday. Included 30mins of strength work.

Thurs Dec 8th: Complete day off.......TSB close to zero!

Fri Dec 9th: Very short lunch run for 15mins, legs feeling preppy now :-)

Total Run Mileage - 15.98miles
Total Run Time - 1hrs 52mins

Total Time - 8hrs 43mins

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