Friday, December 23, 2011

The Week That Was: Dec 10th - Dec 17th

The week started with the Rehoboth Beach marathon on Saturday morning, the race that has been the focus for the last 8 weeks or so. The weather turned out to be almost perfect for marathon running with the exception of a strong wind in the back half. The race turned out great with a 2hrs 43mins finish for 5th place overall. The rest of the week was pretty uneventful in terms of workouts as it was really recovery. I did manage to get a nice solid 4hrs on the fixie on Friday taking advantage of a day off work.

Saturday Dec 10th: The race - Rehoboth Beach marathon. I felt good the whole race until about 23miles when the gravel trail begun to take its toll on me. Went through 13.1miles in the lead group in just over 1h 17mins and then the wind out in Cape Henlopen was brutal for the journey back. Pleased with this result, not quite a PR but gives me my Boston qualifying time for 2013! Run - 26.2miles TSS: 270

Sunday Dec 11th - Day off. Took the advantage to hobble to breakfast and eat some pancakes.

Monday Dec 12th: Recovery swim afterwork. Legs were still feeling like mush so just did some longer endurance sets. Swim TSS:20

Tuesday Dec 13th: Had a very unpretty run at lunch. I just wanted to get the legs moving again so went out for 30mins real, real easy. Just a smelling the roses kinda run. After work headed indoors to the Peaks Power Training Center and did half a threshold interval workout before cruising into the finish. Run/Bike: TSS:88

Wednesday Dec 14th: Another easy swim at lunch. No real structure to the workout. Swim TSS: 10 (real easy)

Thursday Dec 15th: Felt much better today and headed back to the Training Center for the same threshold workout as Tuesday. Legs are not less mushy and better on the bike at least. Working on a power FTP of 280 at the's about time for an FTP test. Bike TSS:72

Friday Dec 16th: Day off work so took advantage to get 3hrs 45mins out on the fixies. Great weather and was purely an endurance day. Went out and did the Davidsonville route for the first time in a while. Legs were hurting towards the end but I love riding the fixie. Bike TSS:220

Total Time: 10hrs 41mins
Total Mileage: 142miles
Total TSS: 679

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