Tuesday, November 8, 2011

The week that was: Oct 29th - Nov 4th

Training was a bit lacking this week so laid a goose-egg on both swimming and cycling....nada, nowt, nothing at all. Managed to squeeze in just under 40 miles of running. Let me know if you have any questions.

Week Oct 29th - Nov 4th

Saturday Oct 29th - No workouts at all....the weather just sucked big time and the duathlon on Sunday got cancelled due to snow!

Sunday Oct 30th - Ran a steady 5miles before heading to Parvilla Cycle & Multisport to work on the new indoor training center: Run 5.33miles

Monday Oct 31st - Hill repeats up and over the Naval Academy bridge......good steady hills for a solid strength workout. Run 9.02miles

Tuesday Nov 1st - Short on time so snuck in an easy 20minutes Run 3.16miles

Wednesday Nov 2nd - Got my new ZemGear "barefoot" running shoes and ran in these at the indoor track at the gym. These shoes are really thin to simulate barefoot running. It was only a short 20min session as I get used to these shoes. I am only going to be using these on the track or the treadmill and only for short periods. I def. felt they were working the lower calf and ankle more than a regular shoe. Run 3.00miles

Thursday Nov 3rd - Work was crazy so no workouts! bah humbug

Friday Nov 4th - Was working from home so managed to do a 3-run day. Run before breakfast was a steady with strides (6.04m), 2nd run at lunch was VO2max intervals (6.11m), 3rd run at end of the day was a steady run (6.15m) Run 18.30miles.

Weekly Run Miles: 38.79miles
Weekly Run Time: 4mins 26mins

Total Time: 4hrs 26mins

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