Monday, November 14, 2011

The week that was: Nov 5th - Nov 11th

This ended up being a much better week than the previous one. With all the running of late the bikes are beginning to call and slowly I will be getting more miles in on the bikes. However, the focus is still the Rehoboth Beach Marathon on Dec 10th. Then it can be bike, bike, bike.....

The key for this week was a speed workout at the Ripley Race 5km on Sunday, a solid tempo run and then the long run of 2hrs 15mins. With two days off on Thursday and Friday due to a furlough and Veterans Day, it may the long run on Thursday much more anticipated.

Week Nov 5th - Nov 11th

Saturday 5th Nov - This was just a short east run in the morning before going to the store. With the 5km tomorrow I didn't want to stress the legs. Run - 3.18miles

Sunday 6th Nov - I had been eyeing this race as a test of speed. I knew that with the increased mileage I had been putting in that a PB was the goal. The field was pretty large and during the national anthem there was plenty of guys looking fast by continuing to warm-up. Heading off from the gun we got in to the first 400meters and the pace was a little slower than I liked. With that I shot to the front and proceeded to break the pack with a 5minute first mile. Actually the pack was down to 4 after about 1/2 mile. To be honest it was probably a bit quick for me but I felt good and thought why not, lets try and hang on. The 2nd mile was a 5:21min and after that I was running on will power! With a net gain over the 3rd mile the pace slowed but I managed to grab 4th overall and a new PB of 16:42. Mission accomplished. Run - 6.55miles

Monday 7th Nov - Day off, crazy at work

Tuesday 8th Nov - The legs really benefited from the day off and after a nice warm-up ended up doing a tempo lap of Annapolis. Tempo intervals gradually increasing down to 6:15min/miles. Best run for a while. Run - 10.03miles

Wednesday 9th Nov - Finally squeezed in a swim, good crosstraining :-) Ran a short 30mins in the evening as an easy run with a few strides. Run - 4.59miles

Thursday 10th Nov - Furlough day from work so had time for a nice long run. Didn't really feel it on this day but managed to cruise at 7:00min/miles for 2hrs 15mins. Longest run of the year outside of IMWI back in September. Focused on cadence (180 strikes/min) and form. Late in the day jumped on the bike for 45mins and stretched the legs, this definitely helps in recovery to get the legs moving after a long run. Run - 19.21miles

Friday 11th Nov - Birthday and a day off work. No running today but rode the rollers for an hour or so. Gradually working the bike back into the schedule.

Weekly Run Miles: 43.56miles
Weekly Run Hours: 4hr 59mins

Total Weekly Time: 8hr 18mins

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