Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Go.....Nope False Start!

The subject line pretty much sums up the past month or so. It seems to be just one thing after another that has set back training in some way. Fortunately with the 'A' races some months away I have the time to claw my way back into shape before then. First it was a succession of out-of-town visitors (which was fun but never great for training), then a stomach virus before Xmas and then a head cold this past week.

To a certain extent I think that some enforced rest will be helpful as the season goes along. Last year I had an awesome winter of training despite the snow and I came out in April/May absolutely flying. By the time that IM Lake Placid was around in late July I felt a little burnt out and the result perhaps showed that. This year I'm racing Ironman late in the season at Wisconsin and don't need to peak until then. Eagleman is early in June and so that would be the 1st peak.

So anyway with the John Howard Performance Sports training camp out in San Diego coming up in the middle of February, it is now time to get down to business. The crew heading out there are stronger riders than me and so it should be a brutal week......I'm hoping that the next few weeks aren't false starts and I can get back to logging some serious hours!

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