Thursday, December 2, 2010

First Roller Film Review Winter 2010....The Transporter 3

It is that time of year again when the stash of films and DVD's needs to be replenished to make the roller workouts not quite so dreadful. Having the movie packages on cable certainly helps but typically the selection of free movies (I'm a cheapskate to buy an on-demand film) was pretty thin this week. So for my 90 minute roller workout on Tuesday I was left watching "The Transporter 3"....I told you the selection was thin!

Having not seen the first two of the Transporter movies, I had no real idea about the movie with the exception that Jason Statham was in it and so obviously it had to be him running around trying to escape danger and making sure he nor his feminine co-star suffered a painful death at the hands of the "bad-guy".

Turned out I was right.....the basic synopsis is: Frank Martin (Statham) returns to Marseillies and continues running his business as a covert "courier", until one night he is captured and forced to deliver a package, with an explosive device attached to his wrist which will detonate if he moves 50ft or more away from his car. Accompanied by a mysterious woman on the job, chased by government assassins and his minders, Frank must uncover the puzzle to his predicament before the wrist device blows him to pieces.

Now if I had gone to the cinema and paid to watch this movie I would have been disappointed at the waste of 90 minutes. However, the criteria for a roller session movie is a bit based on the following:

Length: Needs to be close to 90 mins so not to necessitate blank time.

Action: Needs to be action/adventure genre in general to keep the intensity close to the requirements of the roller session. You can't be watching something like "The Notebook" when you are trying to rip your legs in two.

Need to concentrate: The storyline can't be too complex as you need to focus on the intervals and the workout rather than trying to work out if Haley Joel Osment is seeing dead people!

The Transporter 3 would be pretty high based upon the criteria:

Length: Smack dead on 90mins 9/10
Action: Pretty much full on throughout, although does have the soppy romance 7/10
Concentration: You don't need to be a rocket scientist to know what is going on 9/10

So overall for the first roller film of the year it goes into first place with a solid 25 out of 30......will it stay on top throughout the winter!

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