Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Cold Turkey 10km Race Report.....

This time of year is a bit of a dead spot for blogging really as apart for the process of base training there isn't really much going on worth blogging about, hence the 2-3 week hiatus. The past weekend however, saw me run the traditional Thanksgiving race held in Edgewater for the Cold Turkey 10km. This is a great local race put on by the Annapolis Striders and saw them eclipse the 500 runner mark this year, which I think is the biggest year yet.

We had got back from a weeks vacation in the Outer Banks on Friday and after a 70 mile ride on the Saturday I wasn't overly confident of what would happen on Sunday morning. I know the course as well as any having raced this race since 2004 and it is deceptively tough with rolling hills throughout.

The race started out pretty well and the first mile saw a group of four at the front and fortunately I was in it. Around Mile 2, the eventual winner got a gap, which he stretched to a minute by the end, and I was sitting in 3rd with 2nd a hundred yards ahead and 4th right on my heels. We were clipping along at just over 5:30min/miles and the positions would stay the same throughout mile 4. At that point I gapped the 4th place runner and tried to make some headway to 2nd place but to no avail.

The good news though was that I stayed in 3rd and managed to break 35minutes by stopping the clock at 34mins 52secs for a new 10km PR, the bad news that although winning my age group by 6minutes, I wasn't eligible for the frozen turkey prize on account of being on the overall podium. Perhaps next year I need to win or just hang back and finish in 4th :-)

The Cold Turkey 10km is a good fall race and is well run by the Striders all in a good cause too. If you are looking for a Thanksgiving race next year give this one a try.

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