Friday, November 5, 2010

Gearing Up for Winter......E-mo's?

So is your sweatbox ready yet? Over the past few weeks I have made changes to the Pain Cave including increased lighting, new location for the T.V and DVD, general clean-up and a newly built workbench.

All I need now is the new fan and I am all set for the winter trainer sessions to begin. A decision needs to be made however, I am currently borrowing a set of e-motion rollers and boy are those things good. So do I stick with my regular fluid trainer and basic aluminum rollers or do I splash out and get the e-mo's. The head says e-mo's but at $850 they aren't cheap......

Pretty much every review I've read says that the e-mo's are the best thing since Stephen Roche's triple crown in 1987. What do you reckon?

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Augustus Recentius said...

E-Motion Rollers will be the best money you invest in your training. Period. I use mine year-round and actually have two sets so I can keep one at the office and home. My schedule never interrupts quality training. Totally worth it.