Thursday, October 28, 2010

I Think There Must be Some Juice Left in Here....Ironman Access Program

If you haven't heard already, the World Triathlon Corporation launched it's Ironman Access program yesterday......the cartoon pretty much sums up my thoughts on it.

Fortunately I have signed up for IM Wisconsin 2011 already but this may have tipped me over the edge in terms of racing WTC Ironman's in years to come. I raced Chesapeakeman in 2008 and the race experience was just as good, just without 2000 racers and all the supporters. With the Rev 3 series up and running I will start looking at non-WTC ironman races in 2012.

Update: The funny thing is that so many people have complained about the program that WTC rescinded the program today (just one day after releasing it)....I guess they need to think of another way to squeeze the juice :-) Btw, it still doesn't change my thoughts of racing non-WTC races in years to come. Yes I want to get to the World's in Kona and I guess I'll have to try via Eagleman 70.3 as long as they have slots.

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Unknown said...

Luckily they have already rescinded the program!