Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Getting Closer.....

We are finally getting closer, IM Lake Placid is on Sunday and I'm getting pumped for the race. Everything I have heard about this race and the course is good and so I'm looking forward to hitting the mountains (and the cooler temps!).

The taper has gone well and so all there is left to do now is just crush the course on race day. Whatever happens it will be a fun day, I love racing Ironman. It's just 140.6 miles of physical and emotional rollercoasters, with a massive endorphin rush at the end......what could be better than the final mile of an Ironman! Hopefully on Sunday it will be a great 140.6 miles not just the last mile :-)


Kyle Jones said...

Sex while eating ice cream is way better than doing an ironman.

Good luck by the way.

lisa & mark said...

just managed to get a wifi signal here in the desert! Well done on a great race. Look forward to hearing all about it and seeing some pics!