Friday, June 11, 2010


The weekend is approaching and we get the long awaited start of the World Cup........oh yeah and Eagleman 70.3m. It should be a good weekend of football and triathlon. Don't worry the racing won't get in the way of the England vs USA game, as we have it all scheduled out.

Watching the game in the comfort of the hotel and then we can scoot over the the race, check-in and rack the bike before heading for some dinner and an early night. Sorted...... but no beer while watching the game which will be a novelty :-)

Everything is pretty much ready for the race on Sunday, taper has gone well and now it's just a matter of producing on raceday. I guess for many it may seem weird that a whole season comes down to two races (Eagleman 70.3 and IM Lake Placid). For most athletes it is the same though, long-distance runners tend to try and peak for a couple of races each year and in general cyclists try to target at least a period of races or the State Championships etc. The BIG races are what you train for, the best of the best are going to be there and you want to be the best. It's these days that make you get up early, that make you ride in the rain and run in sub-freezing temperatures.

This is what it is all about.....all that training and focus comes down to one race!

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