Monday, June 7, 2010

It could be a Deathmarch........

Here we go the final week before Eagleman 70.3m and the weather forecast is looking hot, hot, hot! It could almost be a complete repeat of the race in 2008 when the temps got into the 90's and racers were dropping like flies. The final mile that day was a mess with people collapsing in sight of the line and literally crawling the last few yards. Weather like that makes the whole race much more tactical than usual....sounds like fun :-)

This past weekend I managed to get a good idea of the forecast conditions as ABRT were hosting the Church Creek TT and as co-race director I got to see how the conditions changed from 6:30am through until 4:00pm. Three main factors were observed:

Yes it was 80 degrees at 8:00am!

Yes the wind did pick up throughout the day! It may not seem like much at 7:00am but it slowly picks up and it's not long before you start wondering who turned the hair dryer on.

Yes you will need more drink more than you think!

Oh and one final thing, yes the marshes do smell bad, REAL BAD.....just make you you don't ride into them :-)

Mike Davis after taking a detour into the swamp at Church Creek. Photo by Amy Jones

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