Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Finally......Used the Brakes!.....

After a bad month for riding I finally got out of the garage and onto the roads to ride the bike over this past weekend. I looked at the training log and it was back on January 24th that I had last ridden outside.

I'm sure that most people feel the same but I definitely feel behind the 8 ball at the moment in terms of cycling fitness. That's why this past weekend was great.....manage to get out twice and do some good mileage. The ABRT club ride on Saturday really beat me up for 70 hard miles and then the Arrow/Route 1 Velo ride was a good follow-up on Sunday for 55 miles.

It's hard at the moment as I know I need to put more focus on the bike to try and get back up to speed but I have the National Marathon on March 20th. My run training has been great this winter. I would love to PR at the marathon but will be sacrificing the bike in the meantime. I think I'll just put a huge bike element into the training plan after the marathon and so for the month of April it will be bike, bike, bike. The marathon training will hold me in good stead for running and so the residual of that will just be topping off the tank so to speak.

By April I should have the new Kestrel ride to get used to and so that will be a huge motivator to get out and ride. The first triathlon of the year isn't until April 18th, and the first 'A' race of the year not until June 13th at Eagleman 70.3m (isn't it always!).

In the meantime it's just about ticking along on the bike and getting some decent mileage in, then on March 21st it's all about the bike........

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