Friday, March 5, 2010

The Racing Season Starts Sunday........

Most of the snow has gone and now it's time to get down to some racing business. The season starts on Sunday for me at the B&A 1/2 Marathon down on the B&A trail in Severna Park. This has worked out being the season opener for me the past few years and gives a good early season test of the run fitness. It comes just two weeks before the National Marathon and so should give a great idea of a target time for the marathon.

Back in October I set a PR in the Pittsburgh 1/2 marathon and that came off the back of some limited run training at the end of a rest period. That time was 1hr 18mins 34secs and so I hoping to beat that.....probably not by much but hopefully. The B&A is normally a relatively competitive field and I am looking forward to a good fast race.

The only trouble is that it is a full field at just over 1,000 runners and if you have ever been on the B&A trail, it isn't that wide when the course is an out and back. Coming back from the turnaround is interesting to say the least with a huge pack of runners coming towards you.....perhaps carrying a bell will help!!!!

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Chuck Hutcheson said...

Or a whistle like a bicycle messenger.