Thursday, February 25, 2010

Back From Camp.......

The Endurance Junkie Training Camp to the Dominican Republic was great. It was nice to get away from the snow and ice and feel the sun on your back and the sand between the toes....we had a couple of rainy days but with temps in the 80's you don't mind as much.

I ran six of the seven days we were there and the legs were hurting at the end. I'm not used to running so often and ended up getting in close to 60 miles. My usual weeks are only about 30-35 miles and so it was a good shock to the system.

Running when in a different city and a different country is such as great way to experience things that you normally wouldn't if you stayed in the car or around the hotel. Running in the Dominican Republic was especially eye opening considering the almost non-existent road laws, the massive amounts of mopeds and no obvious vehicle standards. It's no surprise that traffic accidents are the top cause of death for men of working age in the Dominican Republic and motorbikes and mopeds account for the majority of incidents.

While running I saw a whole host of wacky stuff, people riding pillion on mopeds while holding their new borns, dogs being carried on mopeds, four people on a moped, you name it everything could be on a moped!

It was also great to run through the smaller towns, and seeing everyone go about their daily lives, people selling fruit by the side of the road etc. The only bad thing was getting chased by wild dogs.....a bit of speed work works wonders :-)

Overall the vacation was great, I got some good miles in, and Sarah and I were able to relax and just chill for a few days with good food and drink on tap!

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