Sunday, February 14, 2010

Sun, sand and some hot running......

Training camp has arrived and the forecast looks great......high's in the 80's, sunshine and importantly places to run that aren't at a gym, no treadmill for me for a few days :-)

From driving around Bowie today it doesn't look as though any of the sidewalks will be passable for a long time to come especially as they have piled the snow from the roads onto them. Surely there must be some law against that? One intersection we went through had snowed piled up to at least 7-8 feet and covered the whole pedestrian crossing area, that isn't gonna melt for a long time.

Anyway training camp has come just at the right time and it will be good to have to wear sunglasses for sunny reasons as opposed to snowy where is the bar (after getting a few miles in of course)?????

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