Thursday, November 5, 2009

Is That Chlorine I Smell......

That's what I keep getting from people in my office as I try and swim more this winter. For the month of October my swim training was gradually ramped up and it will continue as the winter continues. So the monthly stats were:

Total Yards: 56,850
Total Miles: 32.30
Total Swims: 16
Yards/Swim: 3,553

I didn't quite get to the aim of 72,000 yards but perhaps that was bit too aggressive for the first month. It was good to be in the pool more often and even after a month I feel the difference in power, speed and just being comfortable in the water. It actually worked out that it was my biggest month of the year in terms of yardage and time spent in the water.

I guess because it is a challenge that I have set myself, I want to get into the pool more and as I become stronger, swimming gets more fun....yes I smell of chlorine more often and those early morning meetings have me coming in with panda eyes, but I feel better for it.

For November I have a target of 64,000 yards in 16 swims at 4,000yds/swim and then will try and bump that up again in December. Hopefully it will pay off come June and July!

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