Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Drafting at Ironman....Surely Not!

Every year this comes up as an issue at IM Florida and not surprisingly it did again this year. With such a flat course and a mass start, there is very little that you can do if you get swarmed by a peleton. Check out this great video from the race this past weekend....

With the exception of more referee's and staggered starts, I'm not that sure what else the race could do. The non mass start certainly worked at IM Louisville this year and as far as I saw there were not many packs that formed....besides the rolling terrain makes it a far more difficult course. It will be interesting to see if IM/WTC take any action for 2010.

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TerribleTerry said...

The Boston Marathon is like that....eveyone has to qualify and everyone is about the same ability level....so it's a crazy mob the entire way. Most people never get spread out until like 9miles in. At least that crazy mob isn't considered cheating.

I guess that's something unique to Triathlon....the only couple I did had staggered starts and I had no idea how I was doing or how I finished. It's an interesting dilemma. Someday I'll have to do more of those things.