Thursday, November 12, 2009

Amongst the Pointy Headed People........

For the past few years I have been wearing a semi-aero helmet in triathlons and so it was about time to upgrade and gain some free speed! From asking around and seeing various helmets at races, the Spiuk Kronos was a favorite. I spoke with DPM Sports and they were able to provide sponsorship for the Spiuk product range.

Now Fall isn't exactly the time of year to start testing out aero helmets so the review of the Kronos will have to wait (it does look and feel great though), but I also received the Zirion road helmet. I've been wearing this helmet for the past few weeks and so far so good. It's very light, has great air flow and stays in position even with a cap underneath. Also an important point for all us Euro wannabes is that they have a host of color schemes that will match pretty much any club colors!

Impressions after the first few weeks are that this helmet is a great product and they stand out from the has been noticed by lots of other cyclist who perhaps haven't seen the Spiuk helmets and want to do the touch and feel test. Feedback from them....definitely favorable, particularly in terms of weight!

As the season progresses I'll review the Kronos, the Casta Tri shoes and a longer-term review of the Zirion. Be sure to check out Spiuk USA and DPM Sports.

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