Tuesday, September 8, 2009

I'm Done......

With IM Louisville in the books and not getting a slot for Kona, I am pretty much done for the rest of season. I have Turkey Day this weekend and then a few running races into the Fall, I might even jump into the Richmond Marathon but we will see how it goes. The last few days have been bad as I got a cold after the IM and it really knocked me out. On Sunday night I was falling asleep at 9:00PM and then I slept for 11 hours on Sunday night which is unheard of for me.

Training and racing for Ironman really does take a huge effort and with IM Lake Placid on the schedule in July next year I am already looking ahead to the 2010 season. I'll take a break from structured training for the next few weeks and over that period will take a good look at this season to see what I can change/work on for the winter base sessions and 2010 season. One thing is definitely to swim more and over the winter months I plan on becoming a fish.....if I can drop 5 mins on my Ironman swim that will go along way to moving up a few notches on the Age Group ladder. The rest of the training program can be looked at in more detail in future posts.

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