Wednesday, August 26, 2009

So What's The Plan..........

I always head into Ironman races with four main goals...

1) Finish - In such a long race you never know what can happen!

2) Race to a PR Time - For IMKY this will be under 10hrs 5mins.

3) Race to a goal time - I really think that I can get around 9hr 45mins if things go to plan. This would be a 1hr 5min swim, 5hrs 10mins on the bike and a 3hr 20mins marathon.

4) Put myself in with a chance of a Kona slot - If I manage the first three goals then the 4th will be taken care of. We have 6 slots atm in the 30-34AG and my goal time would put me in with a good chance of a slot. If it happens it happens, if not, well there is always next year. The key is a good race.

I feel prepared, the training and taper has gone well and I am looking forward to race day. To be honest I can't wait for race day...........If anyone is interested you can follow the race on under the athlete tracker (#827).

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Lisa J said...

Iain, you are my hero! what a race, am so proud of you! Have been transfixed all day on twitter/ &! Its hard work watching all this whilst sitting on my sofa & drinking cups of coffee! Your races always amaze me, but this is FANTASTIC! A PB.....WOOP WOOP! xoxoxoxox