Monday, July 28, 2008

A Bit Like London Buses.....

You don't see one for hours and then two come along at once!

Sarah and I have only just booked our flights to visit the Motherland and today in a rush to grab the decent flight times and good prices, we also booked our flights down to Clearwater for the Worlds in November. You don't have a vacation for months (Charleston in February) and then you book flights for two in a matter of days!

Both should be great trips and Clearwater will be the ending of a long season, just the right time to spend a few days on the beach after the final race of the year (and before winter sets in here in Maryland). Before then however, we have lots of training to do and we have to navigate the infested waters of a trip to England (last two weeks in August)......

Anyone would have thought that going back to England would be an easy trip to plan and one where we can have a two week rest amongst friends and family. Not so fast....except for the four days out in Spain visiting Sarah's parents, which will be relaxing along the Mediterranean Sea on the Costa Blanca coast, the rest is a matter of trying to squeeze everyone and everything into a few days. It will be a positive whirlwind of activity.

For the past week or so we have been trying to organize a schedule for while we are in England and it appears to be working out well at the moment....with the exception of a few stubborn people ;-) it looks as though we will be able to see everyone! The trick now will be getting in some decent training (only a month away from ChesapeakeMan) and not succumbing to the healthy english diet of fish & chips, beer (none of the "Lite" stuff) and stodgy puddings (desserts!).....oh yeah and trying not to catch a cold in the delightful English weather!

Creative menu, huh!

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