Friday, August 14, 2009

Not Much Left To Do.......

Other than rest up, not work too hard and keep sharp. The Ironman taper starts tomorrow and you can only really make trouble for yourself in the next two weeks. You can't gain any fitness but you can carry on thinking that you can and just end up way too tired on race day. The last 6 weeks have averaged 17 hour training weeks and now the body just needs to absorb all of that and get ready to go all out on August 30th.

The taper doesn't mean zero work however, and I have my final tune-up race at a sprint triathlon on Sunday. The lack of fast-twitch work means that I probably won't be blazing fast (at least not with the regular short course racers) but it will blow away the cobwebs of racing and give some open water and transition practise. Plus it is a race that I have never done before and it is always interesting to do new races.

So what will I be doing over the next two weeks. This week coming will essentially be about 8-9 hours of training, based on easy-moderate workouts with nothing particularly hard. The body needs to easily recover from the workouts and so if the temps get too hot I may head inside for cooler sessions. The high temperatures always make training harder than they originally set out to be and you don't need to be slogging through the humidity at this stage of proceedings.

The final week will be short workouts of generally less than 45mins, making sure that all the equipment is firing well and getting as much sleep as needed. The final few days will be for travel and race preparation over in Louisville. By that time it will be ready to get into race mode to make sure that the everything is ready both physically and mentally!

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