Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Post Coppi Ramblings.......

I like the Coppi race, fortunately it worked out in the racing schedule that I could race it this year. It is one of the few races in the area that is at least a bit selective for the Cat 4's. Not only do the hills make it harder but I think the additional few miles make it tougher on guys too....esp. when most are used to hour long crits. Having just seen the results (I still can't figure out why road races take an age to post results until days after when Tri's can get them onto the website before you get home from the race!) I ended up just in the top 20 at 20th!. The final lap begun with perhaps 30 guys and with 7 miles to go I was able to drift off the front in an ultimately futile effort to solo away for the win :-) I was caught as we turned onto Barnesville Road with just over 2 miles to go. Always worth a shot and you never know one-day it might work!

Unfortunately we only had a couple of guys in the race and against the more populous squads of NCVC, Bike Rack etc, Chad and I could only hope to get in a decent break or wait for the final uphill sprint. Nothing was getting away off the front and with less than half the field left at the end it worked into a race of attrition. Being off the front blew me for the final sprint and Chad was involved in the crash at the base of the hill......after a brief trip to the hospital courtesy of the blue's and two's he was released with some rash and bruising. Despite that it was a fun race and is definitely one on the top of my list.

The rest of the weekend was pretty cool. A long brick on Sunday was followed by going to the Stone Temple Pilots gig at Merriweather.....the original line-up back for a reunion tour and man, it was freakin' great. Without doubt it was the best gig that we had been to for a while and we had great seats, dead center stage!

Haven't found any footage of the gig yet but the version of Plush was amazing! Bet you can't tell how old Sarah and I are.....been to Oasis, Live, Pearl Jam and STP in the last few months and have Creed coming up next month....kids of the 90's!

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