Friday, July 24, 2009

These Are The Moments You Dread.......

We knew that leaving the shores of England to live in the US, would be hard. You leave your family and friends and everything you have known for your entire life. You take the plunge, wish for the best and hope to land on your feet. Without doubt the past 5 years have been great for Sarah and I. The move has been everything we thought it would and more, so much so that we couldn't imagine returning to the UK to live full-time. Until this week, however.

We always knew that a day like this would come but you hope that it never does. You can't think about it but it's a day that you dread so much. Living thousands of miles away from family and friends makes you feel very helpless at times, there is only so much support that can be given over the can't give people a hug, hold their hand or just simply be with them.

Unfortunately my Uncle (Great Uncle Cyril) passed away on Wednesday at the age of 89 and it's so hard to be on the receiving end of that phone call, it must be even worse for my Mum and Dad who made the call! They have cared so much for my Uncle and my Grandma, who have lived together for years, and it is hard not to be there for everyone at this time. We can only tell them that we are thinking of them and hope that they remember that even though we aren't with them, they are constantly in our thoughts.

So even though none of our family are Spurs fans (West Ham Forever!)....the chorus of this tune is very apt for our Uncle Cyril.....Nice One Son!

Nice One Cyril

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