Friday, July 10, 2009

Got Any Speed?.......

Enough of this long distance Ironman stuff....for two days anyway! Let's get some speed in here and see if we can wake up the fast-twitch muscles that must be lurking somewhere. This Saturday I am racing at the Diamond in the Rough International Distance triathlon, which comprises a 1 mile swim, 27 mile bike and a 5 mile run. Then on Sunday seeing that the race is a five minute ride from the house, I am racing the Dawg Days Crit. So has anyone got any speed that I can borrow?

The triathlon will be interesting as I am ditching the wetsuit and using my Xterra speedsuit for the first time in preparation for IM Louisville. At Louisville the water is always too warm for a wetsuit and so they are not allowed. Speedsuits are kind of like what the pool swimmers wear and provide a smoother, faster surface than a hairy chest or a tri-top :-) I'm pretty sure the water will be close to 78 degrees tomorrow so wetsuits may not be legal....race directors are always a bit sketchy on this as most people want to wear the wetsuit and so you might find the temp. is measured at 77.9999999 degrees! I did this race as my 2nd ever tri back in 2005 and so it will be good to see how I have progressed since then.....

Dawg Days on Sunday will just be a good workout. I have no expectations and plan on doing a 3-4 hour warmup earlier in the day on the TT bike. I don't have any crit race fitness to speak of at the moment and I will just try and help teammates as much as possible....we have our ace in the pack! It will also be a chance to get out on the road bike as I think it has been feeling a bit neglected of late :-)

After the weekend it is back onto the last 5 week block before the taper for IMKY....lets hope we get some hot and humid weather for race preparation.

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