Tuesday, July 7, 2009

What's That Smell?.......

This week is a recovery week after a hard training block and so it is time for some much-needed TLC for the bikes. The triathlon bike got a clean and finally after sitting on the work bench for a few months the new bar tape was cracked open. I had been meaning to change the bar tape for ages as the tape on the bike had been on there since I built the bike up in the spring of 2007....that bar tape had seen two years of hard training and racing. So there I am watching the days TDF stage in the garage and cooling down after a short run, what better time than that to change the bar tape.

Jeez....I wasn't prepared for the wretched smell that came from the old tape once it was released from the bar. Sarah came back from the gym, wandered through the garage and immediately wondered what that damn smell was. Luckily the garage door was wide open and it was able to dissipate but I didn't think it would be that bad. Seriously, it was rancid, if the military ever need a new chemical weapon they could drop a few hundred pounds of old handlebar tape on the enemy!

Lesson for the day....change your bar tape more often.....not only will it keep your bike looking sweet, your hands will stay in shape and you won't have to go through chemical warfare!

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Kyle Jones said...

I assure you a pair of my underwear after a day in the summer would be a better weapon.