Friday, May 22, 2009

I Could Get To Like This......

So this is the 2nd week off work and I have until next Thursday before I start my new job. But jeez, it's great being off work, spending time with Sarah, training loads and enjoying the good weather. I could really get used to living like a pro....not sure if I would like the pressure to have to win some cash at races but the training lifestyle is great.

Just like work you get into a regime, get up and go for a swim, not necessarily at some ungodly hour like 5:45AM! You have no pressure to have to get the workout over with, if you feel good you can swim longer, you can chill afterwards and chat with people rather than racing off to the cubicle. The rest of the morning you can chill and do stuff that needs to be done. Then after lunch you can get ready for the 2nd workout of the day whether that be a bike, a run or both. You train much more and you get time to recover without the stress of work etc etc. Today for example I was able to get a great 5 hour ride in and still have the rest of the day to do things (yes going to Rita's is good for recovery!)

I'm not sure that Sarah is always happy to have me hanging around the house....probably a sign of what will happen in 30-odd years down the road when retirement comes! For two and a half weeks though it has been great fun and has come at an ideal time just a three weeks out from Eagleman....yeah, its getting close!

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Lisa J said...

Just a shame your are back at work when I get over! Although not sure your ears could take all the gossiping! But the marathon shopping would be great training! :-)