Friday, January 30, 2009

Race Schedule 2009....Coming!

This week I have been looking at the race schedule for 2009. Most of it is already locked into place as the big triathlons sell-out way in advance and so they were bagged last year!

I have therefore been looking at the early season triathlons and road races on the MABRA schedule to make sure that I am suitably prepped when the big triathlons, the "A" races come around. So far it is looking like the early months will be a busy time before settling down for the summer months of Ironman training. Could really do with some nice sunny, hot weather for training atm....once again it's onto the treadmill tonight. Next week I will post a 2008 season review and the tentative race schedule for 2009.

The road conditions look ok for the weekend rides so the Davidsonville ride can kick my ass again!

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