Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Wearing Out the Legs....

It has been almost a week since the last blog and after a recovery week I have done my best to completely bomb my legs with a blast of cycling. Normally at this time of year I am getting in about 6.5hrs a week of cycling, combined with similar amount of swimming and running. Swimming is out atm after the most recent mole removals and so it is cycling and running, with more cycling taking the time of swimming!

Saturday started off with a 85mile Fixie ride. Yeah I know I was aiming for the century but after about 80miles I was ready to completely fall off the bike. The ABRT Davidsonville club ride did it's best to rip my legs off and the headwind all the way back from North Beach did a number on my legs enough for me to call it quits and head home at 85miles.

On Sunday I thought the legs would be completely blown after Saturday but the combination of stretching and compression socks must have worked and I actually felt good enough to work hard over a hilly 42miles on the Fixie.

Monday was a day off from cycling with a session in the gym for weights and then a speed session on the treadmill.

Yesterday was back to cycling and a 2x20mins threshold trainer session....the legs are feeling a bit dead today and in 30 mins time I should be off to the gym for a long 14mile treadmill run.

The final two sessions of my "cycling" week will be tomorrow and Friday. Tomorrow will be a speed-endurance intervals and then Friday will be some power sprints.

That should equate to about 11hrs cycling which for me is pretty high at this time of year. This kind of "overworking" did wonders for my running last year when I targeted specific weeks to overload....hopefully it will do the same for my cycling.

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