Thursday, August 28, 2008

The UK......Report #2

Well in the 10 days since I last blogged much has happened and Sarah and I are on our last legs trying to get to see everyone before we fly home on Labor Day. Since time is short I will just give a quick rundown on the highlights of the trip so far.....(photos will be posted when we get home and on the flickr site).

Tuesday 19 - Friday 22 August - Visited Sarah's parents in Spain.
Saturday 23 August - Sarah's sister Diana (and partner Richard) came to Southend for a visit and BBQ (the English weather lasted just long enough for it!)
Sunday 24 August - Trip to Reading to see friends (good pub lunch!)
Monday 25 August - Trip to see nieces (and Brother and Sister-in-Law) including a proper English Cream Tea!
Tuesday 26 August - Day trip to Dover to see Vicky and her new apartment...also walked along the White Cliffs of Dover!
Wednesday 27 August - Visit to Grandparents and then into the City of London for drinks and meal with College and School friends.
Thursday 28 August - Visit to see Theresa and the kids

So it's been a busy, busy vacation so far with no let down this weekend as we have Ben and Sarah's wedding :-)

Fortunately the first week home was a rest week training wise and I managed 9 hours over in Spain including some great open water swims and runs amongst the Orange Groves. This week has been back onto the full training and so its been a matter of getting up early and getting it done before heading out for the day. Only trouble has been getting to bed before midnight, which we haven't managed so far....not too good when you get up for training a few hours later!

Without a doubt though the vacation has been great and it has been awesome to see everyone is amazing how things just pick up from when they were left! Friends and family are the best.

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