Tuesday, September 2, 2008

The UK.....Report # 3

We are now back in the good ole' USA leaving behind the awful weather of the UK and arriving to sunny skies and 85 degrees! Sarah was singled out by the nice folks at US Customs and Borders Control and sweated for a few minutes while they checked her documents.....they let her in :-)

Yes the weather in the UK is generally as bad as people say it is and it was a good job that I had taken some armwarmers and a windvest back with me....I bet I looked great running along with a running t-shirt and cycling armwarmers! Anyway the one good day of weather we did have was fortunately the day of Ben and Sarah's wedding and that topped off a great final weekend that saw all of the old crew (with the exception of Chris...who probably decided that leaving the heat of the Middle East for the grey of the UK wasn't a good idea) back together again for one very long night of typical English revelry (Read: plenty of drinking, poor dancing and even worse singing).

Now I have to download all the photos so that they can be put up on various blogs and facebook pages! Hopefully I will get that all sorted this week at some point.....besides this weekend is busy, busy, busy! More details to follow!

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