Wednesday, June 4, 2008

What's with all this Tapering!......

Since Friday its been taper time in the Banks household, even Sarah uses it as a good excuse to do less running! After all she needs to prep for the race as well, esp. with the Team Banks parents being in tow (What top is he wearing?, this is it's not!, he should be through by now, perhaps he has had a puncture!)

So yesterday I was hoping for a nice leisurely club ride and perhaps just a few intense pick-ups to get the legs going.....well when I turned up I knew that a "leisurely" ride probably wouldn't be the order of the day! The group was strong and with no road races at the weekend, everyone was ready to hammer from the get-go!

It certainly was a fast ride and arriving back at home, the entirety of the ride including the warm-up (from home to the ride), club ride, and warm-down (from ride to home) was a season best and 6 minutes quicker than the fastest so far! Not bad for a ride just over 2 hours......Fortunately I felt good and the legs weren't blasted too much! You always know it's a good ride when you finish and someone shouts "Thanks for that, I almost threw up!"

Besides the ride yesterday, the taper has been going well, more time on my hands meant that the bike got a clean and I got another 1/2 an hour in bed this morning before heading down to the pool. Although in a freaky/stalker kind of way someone recognized me after wondering if I swam competitively, asking my name and stating that they knew my name from the triathlon race results.......[they do triathlons as well and will be at Eagleman this weekend!...see told you stalker alert :-)]

Just a quick update on the status of Team Banks....they are currently up in Gettysburg looking at the Civil War stuff and the grass at Chez Banks is getting long. I think they are shirking their responsibilities ;-(

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BreeWee said...

YAY! get in more sleep, more sleep and super food for fuel is going to set you up for some fast fun!

Have fun to you and Sarah! Tell her I am rooting for her too as she cheers and handles business on her end!!